What is it & HOw it all began

The History of hbaaff

In the spring of 2005 students from The Art & History of Film (Hawaii Baptist Academy's introductory film course) and HBA's Student Council hosted the first HBA Film Festival.  Held in the Stan Sagert campus cafeteria, the event was initially called Coffee House,  and featured both movies and a musical performance.

Since that time the event has continued to grow.   In need of a larger venue for the films, the festival was moved in 2007 to the Dan Kong Middle School campus.  In 2011 the festival officially became the Hawaii Baptist Academy Arts & Film Festival (HBAAFF) and added art exhibits, a handbells concert and more.  

Upon the completion of HBA's Arts & Sciences Building in 2014, the festival was moved back to the high school campus and expanded to include science exhibits, food trucks, and musical performances.  

Many of the films that first screened at HBAAFF and art that has been displayed here have gone on to win awards, screen at the Hawaii International Film Festival Student Showcase, or been broadcast on Olelo.  The recent films have earned pages on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com).  

In order to continue to fulfill Hawaii Baptist Academy's Mission and Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) HBAAFF  was an online event during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the spring of 2022 HBAAFF returned to the HBA campus as a live event, (though the HBAAFF website will continue to host select galleries and films).  

Regardless of how people have enjoyed HBAAFF over the years it has always been an event that cultivates community and celebrates the good things that God has given people to do.

How to Get to HBAAFF

The Hawaii Baptist Academy Stan Sagert High School Campus is located at 2429 Pali Hwy., Honolulu, HI.  

Parking for HBAAFF will be on the high school and adjacent middle school campus.  We are expected a large crowd so carpooling is highly recommended.

HBA's Mission

Hawaii Baptist Academy is a Christian college-preparatory school that equips students spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally, so that they bring honor to God. 


Expected School-wide Learning Results

Believing Jesus Christ to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Hawaii Baptist Academy brings faith and learning together so that we may join God in the formation of people and the transformation of the world. We do this by cultivating these four sensibilities:

Humility is our response to God, and the beginning of understanding.  In awe and with gratitude, we recognize that we are born into God’s creation, which is vast, and into God’s story, which is already in progress.

We cultivate humility by acknowledging the goodness of God and the reality of sin, by taking time to be contemplative, by being open to change, and by knowing that there is and will always be more to learn.

Curiosity is our response to what God has created.  With an attitude of wonder, we explore God’s truth through His Word and through His creation.

We cultivate curiosity by asking questions, by seeking opportunities to learn, by trying new things, and by persevering in our quest for answers.

Love is our response to all people in light of God’s love for us. With grace, we live, learn, and play together in community, realizing that God designed us to be mutually dependent.

We cultivate love in community by striving for peace, by eliciting and sharing ideas, by constructively expressing and resolving disagreements, by respecting differences and loving all people, and by asking for and offering forgiveness.

Commitment is our response to God’s plan of restoration.  With conviction, we endeavor to carry out God’s purpose by telling His story as we work toward the common good.

We express our commitment by speaking truth and taking responsibility, by caring for God’s creation, and by using our talents and resources to work toward the good of humanity.

List of HBAAFF Films From the Past

Below are a list of HBA student films that screened at HBAAFF over the years.  Many of the films that first screened at HBAAFF and art that has been displayed here have gone on to win awards, screen at the Hawaii International Film Festival Student Showcase, or been broadcast on Olelo.  Some of the recent films have also earned pages on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com).  

(Footnotes:  1 = Film Screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival Student Showcase, 2 = Film won Silver Award in Hawaii State Student Film Festival, 3 = Film received HMSA Teen Video Award, 4 = Film is listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com, 5 = Film won its category in the Olelo Youth Xchange Student Video Competition)


Agent Rover

Animation Class


The Dog I Always Wanted

Don't Be Mean Behind the Screen

Don't Let Life Pass You By

Don't Stall Call

End Game:  The Psychology of Chess

Fight Screen

Fisherman's Song at Dusk

Golf Grind


Just In Time

Nuts, Bolts, & Waffles

Oxygen Low


Animation Class 20221


Mixed Media Stop Motions


Remember to be Considerate1

The Runaway

The Tourist

What Hula Means to Me


Middle School Basic Filmmaking

Filmmaking in Community Semester 1

Filmmaking in Community Semester 2


How to Videos

How to Make French Crepes

How to Make Hamburger Patties

How to Make Ramen

How to Make a Smoothie


Intro to Filmmaking

The Text

Not Super


Advanced Filmmaking

How to Videos

Basics of How to Build a Gundam

How to Bake a Cake with a G00se

How to Make a 3D Model

How to Make Character Cookies

How to Make Hand Sanitizer

How to Make Pancakes



A Cat’s Life

A Love for Baseball

Quiet Life

Maunawili Falls


Stop Motion

Code Mission: Paper Door

Cornrona Corntine

Cowboy Frog

A Passage to Treasure

Basic & Advanced Mixed Media Stop Motion Animations


Public Service Announcements

Fire Safety

Get Sleep

Reach Out

Storm Water Hero



Bam! Bam! Crash!1

HBA Intro to Animation 2020-20211


Dramatic Short Films

Manifest It!






Animation Class 20201

An Array of Anecdotes 

Beach House

Covid-19 PSA

Filmmaking in Community

Floating Birds

Friendship It's Non-Toxic

Flowers of the Wind


Heart in the Park1

How To: Keep Boredom Away

How to Throw a Football

Life in Covid-191

Memory 27521



Pick Up Your Trash

Poetry in Stop Motion


Special Ops: Number 23

Sun Not Smog

The Vindicator


Animation Class 20191

Bossy Betty

Don't Be a Distracted Driver

Don't Disappear


Eat Local, Eat Fresh5

Finders Not Keepers

Feel the Beat of the Drum

Get Up and Vote!


Is a Text More Important Than A Life?

Lazy Mazie

The Music of Erich Zann

Nosy Rosie

Proud Percival

Report It

The Time Vine

To See With Our Hearts

The Wonderful World of Jobs



Capturing Memories4

Coffee Stain4

Under the Ocean

We Are U.S.1,4



Eggstreme Eggs4

Food Trekking Episode 1

George Newton: A Passion of Art4

Here with You4

Keep Your Eyes on the Road


A Poetic/Reflexive Scientific Observation of the Reversal of Entropy1,4

Recycling Everyone Can Do It

Taking Flight

Welcome to Worming4

Wind Ensemble


13 Minutes1,4

An Artist4


The Choice4

Float Your Boat4

Grandpa's Hands4

Island Tour

Live Aloha


Say Something

Taking Notes1,4



The Deal4

It's Alive4




Eating Disorders1

The Flower Girl1, 4


The Green Side of Things4

Know It All4


My Escape


Roman Entertainment

You Never Win with Meth


The Broken Wristwatch

Coming Home1,4

The Things Unspoken



The Bean Hero

Beyond the Halls

Jabberwocky (3D movie)

Meth Kills Dreams3 


Between 2 Floors

Finite Frailty


Hulahoops & a Lance

Of Flowers and Cement


Don't Waste Your Time Smoking

Drugs Empty Your Future

Fading Out

How Many Friends Will You Loose to Under Age Drinking?

In the Bag

Picture Perfect


Love Is1 

You Can't Escape the Consequences of Under Age Drinking


Be a Hero

Boxed In1,2 


If you Drink & Drive Will you Face Regret?

 Letters and Lockers

Smoking:  It's a Mouthful3 

Stop the Cycle

The Windows Between


Do Your Best

Don't Walk Alone


Shades of Grey1



Film Crew

Tomorrow's Promise

What Lingers in the Dark


1 = Film Screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival Student Showcase

2 = Film won Silver Award in Hawaii State Student Film Festival

3 = Film received HMSA Teen Video Award

4 = Film is listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com)

5 = Film won its category in the Olelo Youth Xchange Student Video Competition